All plans include routine maintenance and updates to your website as well as access to a full suite of premium WordPress plugins valued at $145 / year. If you are interested in starting a new website, please contact us for a custom quote.

While levels 1-4 are good for most customers, we also offer levels 5-10 for more demanding websites or those who just need more RAM, CPU, and Storage. For those higher tiers, RAM ranges from 16GB to 192GB, CPU ranges from 6vCPU to 32vCPU, and storage ranges from 155GB to 640GB. Contact us for more information and pricing if you are interested in those. 

*The Operating System, System Files, Logs, Database, and other files necessary for the site to function will typically take approximately 7 GB of the available storage.

** Basic Email includes a maximum of 5 inboxes each with a limit of 25GB. Additionally, while the site itself is on a Viritual Private Server, the email utilizes a shared server with a shared SSL security certificate. We recommend Office 365 or a private Exchange server for a more robust email solution.